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The importance of shopping mall in your vicinity is known to all fashion, sports or technology enthusiast. It has all services and products that human being in modern society needs. There is a constant flow of customers in shopping malls, and that is why many business companies that focus on retail are drawn to start enhancing their business there. A successful company knows to recognize right partner in any business deal or proposal, and such is the case with many Cutler Ridge Mall contractors.

Cutler Ridge Mall history.

The mall is also known by the name of Southland Mall, and it is located in Cutler Bay Florida. The first opening occurred in late 1970’s but not as a sole proprietor but as an extension of Cutler Ridge Shopping Center that was originally opened in 1960. There were various extensions to the mall during 1980’s and 1990’s. The whole complex was nearly destroyed in a devastating Andrew Hurricane that ravaged the mall in 1992. After the renewal, there were not too many stores left as the owner of Cutler Ridge Shopping Center declared bankruptcy, and he transferred the ownership to Lender Ocwen Federal Bank. Finally, in 2002 the management staff passed the responsibility for future development and planning to T/S Development of Miami, Florida. They changed the name of the mall in 2003 to Southland Mall.

The prosperity of Cutler Ridge Mall today.

Now the mall has many stored of various types including sport, fashion, cosmetic, groceries, jewelry, accessories and other to offer. It is because of this immense variety of store types that Cutler Ridge has to offer, more contractors are drawn into starting a collaboration with a management team. Expanding the mall was the plan from the beginning, as the Development team of Florida suggested, and they will ensure they succeed in near future by strengthening connections with various contractors. The first step was to establish a constant flow of customers that will guarantee the success of the company and establishment. Once that was is done opportunities rise to expand the area building more floors and anchor points.

Regular shopping malls have 1-2 floors with 3 to 4 anchor point at each floor. Cutler Ridge Mall’s team for management and development plans to build additional two levels to already existing two. It will provide more space for future contractors and retail store business companies to become their business partners and thus enhance the rise in prosperity process that started with transferring ownership to Florida Development team. While first two floors are reserved for  leading

retail stores that draw the attention of customers, the third floor is mainly reserved for more well-suited clients, providing prestigious jewelry brand shops, cosmetics, and pharmacies that offer various types of top medical innovation in skin treatment, hair, etc. The 4th floor would provide only the best products from all around the world that is available for the elite class of customers that can also enjoy their stay at tennis courts and V.I.P. pool parties at the rooftop area of the mall.

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Cutler Ridge Mall – A place to start your retail career

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Cutler Ridge Mall is a mall whose position beckons the people to risk and try to open their retail business. But where exactly should you open your retail shop is another question. It is important to do a little research and to find out where certain goods are sold and so on. If you want to know more about Cutler Ridge Mall, then visit the site – – where you will find all necessary info.

The first step in setting up your retail shop in a mall is to decide what you want to sell. If you didn’t take a decision on this before, then you should look at what people want and what is in demand. This will make it easier to you to decide what you should sell and what will bring a profit in your pocket.

Once the decision about the type of the product has been made, you should contact the representatives of the mall and discuss the requirements they have set. Some malls don’t allow multiple shops that sell same things, other have banned certain products, so be sure to find out everything about that. You don’t want to organize everything and only then find out that you can’t sell your wares there.

Whenever you start a business, you must acquire certain permits and licenses. This applies to retail shops in big malls as well. The SBA aka Small Business Administration should be the first party that you should visit. GO to them and ask them about the papers you need to open your shop. Several permits and licenses are same for every retailer, but there are also concessions that are given to people that sell particular products. Be sure to check whether the wares you sell require a special permit.

Professional help will help you start the business going. You are the one with money, but the knowledge you possess is probably on an average level which means that your expertise is not enough to keep the business running and making a profit. Hiring a professional will cost you money, but the return they will generate makes it viable to hire them. Don’t be afraid to listen to someone else, someone with advanced knowledge in the area, you won’t regret it.

You can either sell less known products or try to attract customers by including a well-known franchise in your offer. If you have money, then you can purchase a right to distribute a popular franchise and attract the clients who are fond if it. This increases the number of customers that come to you and customers that by the franchise you are selling might also by other products that you offer.

Cutler Ridge Mall is open for business, and they are receiving a request for retailing. If you think that you can prosper in retailing, and you need an excellent location, and then visit the Cutler Ridge Mall, and you just might find a place to open your shop. Talk to their representative and see whether the mall is a place you could work in.

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